Tablet Excipients

Produce attractive and palatable formulations efficiently.

Tablet Excipients

Innovating Colour Options

Saving our customer the need to keep expensive stocks of coloured tablet excipients, we now supply just white as a base.  Then you just choose the colour you need your tablets to be, and we supply the matching excipient pigments.

Simply add the pigment with your active ingredient into your VH mixer.

We will include free of charge up to 8 different pigments, so instead of buying 1kg of blue PRESSIT® and only having one colour, you could turn 1kg into 8 different colours giving you more control and reducing inventory costs.

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What is Pressit®?

PRESSIT® is an all-in-one tablet excipient using only uses 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Designed to be extremely easy to mix, PRESSIT® will save you time increase production profitability.

Smooth Flow Easy Compression

With a unique blend of  pharmaceutical excipients, PRESSIT® will flow through your machine efficiently, and being easy to compress Pressit takes the strain off your tablet press; improving reliability and life span.

Pharmaceutical Grade Excipient

PRESSIT® was developed and is mixed by pharmaceutically professionals, to give you the confidence in produce consistent professional tablets every time.

Choose PRESSIT® and you remove the need for time consuming research into ingredient ratios, as well as the need to mix and measure binding agents, flowing agents or preservatives.

PRESSIT® benefits at a glance

Compresses under low pressure – PRESSIT®has been specially designed to compress under low pressure saving strain on your machine so your equipment lasts longer.
High flowability – PRESSIT® has pharmaceutical lubrications to ensure your formula flows efficiently in mixing and compression.
Consistent tablets – PRESSIT® has been formulated by pharmaceutical excipient experts to ensure you get consistent tablets on every press.

As pharmaceutical excipient experts, we can also custom formulate any tablet excipient mixture (in any colour) to meet your requirements.

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Quality Ingredients

  • Microcrystalline Cellulose USP
  • Substituted Hyroxyproxyl Cellulose
  • Croscaemellose Sodium
  • Starch USP
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Copovidone USP
  • Magnesium Stearate

We also supply the very basic tablet excipient formula of

  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Dicalcium Phosphate
  • Silica Di Oxide
  • Magnesium Stearate

Note that our basic tablet excipient mix is by special order. The basic mix is considerably cheaper, but nevertheless is still a great tablet binder for those on a budget.

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Why choose PRESSIT®?

When making your own tablet excipient mixture it takes extra time researching, extra time measuring your ingredients making sure everything measured is correct. Getting the ingredient mix right is key to pressing hard, high quality tablets consistently.

There loads of problems you could run into :

  • Flowing problems – Flowing problems happen when your mixture isn’t mixed correct PRESSIT® ensures your mixture will flow smoothly through your machine on every batch.
  • Binding problems – soft or crumbly tablets
  • Inconsistent weight – Due to poor mixing

It is so important to make your mixture correctly this is why we  brought PRESSIT® to the market.  Not only does it make hard, shiny, consistent tablets it’s also 100% pharmaceutical grade.

Your tablet mix is more important than the machine itself. If you are  feeding your machine a poor quality mixture then your machine will not perform to its best ability.

Feed your machine a consistent harmonious mixture such as PRESSIT®, your machine will work wonders, producing pharmaceutical grade tablets.