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Who deals with the installation?
Installation can take place at our facility’s installed ready to use on arrival, or at your facility’s shortly after delivered. Installation charges are based on machine and travel, please bare in mind any tablet press set up from our facility’s will be done using PRESSIT our premix all in one tablet binder, if your active ingredients are more than 20% this will slightly effect the settings on the machine. You are more than welcome to send your mixture in to us so we can set the machine to your mixture, in doing so you would need a provide a GC-MS along with your sample. It is so important for your machine to be set up correctly, failing to do so could end up with a damaged or even worse broken machine, please get in touch if you would like your machine set up ready to go.
Do you provide service and maintenance?
Service and maintenance is charged £150 per hour plus travel. We will come out to asses your machine and then give you a price, if the work takes longer you will not be charged. Due to high demand for our engineers there is a slight wait time for our service and maintenance department. We can set up quarterly or annually service contracts at a better rate.
Do you provide offer tutorials?
Its all good and well that we offer 24/7 customer support, but if your a visual learner then machine tutorials might benefit you more. We come out to your facility or you can come to ours, will we run you through the machines and show you all there is to know on how to set up and maintain your machine if this fits better with you please contact us to discuss tutorials.
What about shipping?
We offer free next day shipping on our products so you can be up and running in no time!