Providing you with the fastest possible service to keep your business - in business

Keeping your business running

Your tablet press, capsule filler or powder mixer needs to be in excellent working order to optimise production efficiency.

High precision instruments, operating at sometimes incredible output rates, require regular maintenance – to ensure maximum lifespan and return on investment.

Onsite or Offsite

We can provide expert servicing, maintenance, and repairs both onsite and offsite; just choose what’s best for your needs.

Onsite service – our engineer(s) will travel to your facility to complete the works. Where possible, all servicing or repairs will be performed in situ.

Offsite service – you can arrange for your machine to be sent to our service facility, where we will complete the necessary work and return it to you.

S3B Machinery stock the widest range of parts for our tablet presses, capsule fillers and other equipment. This way our customers are guaranteed to receive the fastest service turnaround to keep the business running with minimal dispruption.

Virtual maintenance and support

The S3B product range has been designed to be simple to operate and to provide you with many years of reliable service. 

We can also help you to maintain your machine remotely. We are happy to use your app of choice Google Meet, Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp, FaceTime or Skype and regularly do this type of meeting to solve most issues on our products and their application.

Whether you have a tablet ejection issue or require guidance on tool changes, we can be with you face to face on video chat within minutes.

At S3B we understand a speedy response time to problems or issues that reduces your down time saves you money. 

Virtual maintenance is free of charge. 


Regular maintenance checks

  • Check parts for wear and tear
  • Degrease and clean the entire machine
  • Re-apply food grade grease and oil to all moving parts
  • Advise on any parts that require changing
  • PAT test the machine

Maintenance checks are priced at £150 per hour dependent on location and replacement parts which are charged at cost.

Full service

Older machinery under intense use, such as tablet presses and capsule fillers, would recommend a full service every xxxx. A full service consists of:

  • Complete the regular maintenance checklist, PLUS
  • Inspect all bearings and replace worn parts
  • Change all drive belts
  • Inspect tooling and assess future issues
  • Change or coat parts affected by rust
  • Remove rust 
  • Complete machine run to ensure there are no further problems

The Full service is priced at £150 per hour, S3B will assess and forward an estimate of work required to the client for signoff before undertaking the service.

Free installation

All S3B customers are offered free installation, along with “how to” tutorial videos.

New start up?

Your machine will arrive to you pre-set, only needing a few small adjustments to have you up and running in no time.