Supplement contract manufacturer

Outsource your supplement production to S3B Machinery and concentrate on what you do best

Focus on what you do best

Picking a supplement contract manufacturer as an outsourced resource is a great way to conserve funding and reduce capital outlay.

Working with S3B Machinery, we will take over the burden of production and packaging for you. This allows you to focus on the science and product development.

We produce products for a range of companies in a variety of fields from pharmaceuticals to supplements and cosmetics to automotive, we are flexible enough to cope with production runs that meet your business needs from one unit to … well ask us!

Agile manufacturing – flexible fulfilment

At our fully compliant clean room facility, S3B Machinery can produce tablets and capsules to almost any size or shape with or without logo. We also produce sachets of liquid, granules or powder, as well as powder mixes to your spec. 

At S3B Machinery,  we understand how important time is to your business, so we aim to turn around all new orders within the week, or sooner if we can. For current customers we maintain a safety level of inventory for immediate availability (subject to contract).

Anything we produce can be delivered to you in bulk or ready packaged, white labelled or custom stickers, foils, just choose the option you need.

Ready to take the next step?

Call us to discuss your formulation and expected quantity requirements; with tablet presses and capsule fillers on hand that can produce up to 400,000 tablets an hour and being able to run are machine’s day and night there no size order we can not fulfil within a reasonable time.

If you need more than what we can supply within the time frame we offer please get in touch as we can set up bigger machine’s.