Capsule Polisher & Rejector



The height and angle can be adjusted to fit into any chute of the capsule filling machines and tablet presses, so the products can be polished immediately after production. It can eliminate static; and automatically reject ultra-lightweight capsules, fragments, and empty capsules.

The new type of net cylinder ensures no jammed capsules during operations. The capsules are not directly contacted with the metal net to protect the printed capsule effectively. The new type of brush is durable and can be changed easily.

Excellent design for quick cleaning and straightforward maintenance. Adapts the frequency converter, which is great for continuously long hours of operation.

The drive-by synchronous belt, which will reduce the noise and vibration of the machine. It is suitable for all sizes of capsules without needing to change any parts. All the main parts are made of premium stainless steel, are in compliance with pharmaceutical GMP requirements.